Have A Catering Service Provide These Breakfast Sandwiches For Your Office

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A lot of companies occasionally hire corporate catering services to provide catered lunches to their staff, but if you're looking to do something a little different, consider hiring a catering service to provide breakfast. There are plenty of directions that you can take when it comes to choosing a breakfast menu with your caterer, but keeping things simple is a good strategy. Breakfast sandwiches can be a simple and satisfying breakfast option for your office — as well as something that won't affect productivity because they're relatively quick to eat. Speak to your catering professional about providing a variety of breakfast sandwiches, including these options.

Ham And Egg

One of the most popular types of breakfast sandwich is the ham and egg sandwich, so you'll definitely want your caterer to have this choice on the menu. The popularity of this type of sandwich means that a lot of your employees might automatically reach for it over the other options. There are several different variations that your catering service can suggest to make this sandwich appealing. For example, it might offer this sandwich on a fresh croissant instead of on a biscuit or English muffin. Or, it might provide Swiss cheese instead of American cheese.

Chicken And Waffle

If you really want to get creative, you might want to see if your caterer can provide chicken and waffle breakfast sandwiches. Generally, this concept revolves around a piece or two of fried chicken in between a pair of waffles — thus making a sandwich, albeit an unconventional one. Sometimes, this type of sandwich will have honey mustard on it. The unique style of this breakfast sandwich can make it a popular choice among your staff. Some of your employees may be so impressed with it that they photograph it to share on their social media.


Avocado spread on toast is a popular choice for breakfast, but a talented catering service can offer a twist on this fare by turning it into a breakfast sandwich. For example, instead of a simple piece of toast with avocado on it, your caterer can offer a vegetarian-friendly breakfast sandwich — perhaps a sliced bagel with avocado, fresh sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, and other tasty ingredients. Or, your caterer can combine the avocado with bacon to make for a filling breakfast sandwich on a bun.

Offering these breakfast sandwiches to your staff can not only make them appreciative of your generosity but can also make for a period of time where everyone gets together and connects as they eat. Contact a corporate catering company to learn more about your options.


4 June 2020

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