The Sugar Art Trophy Of Bodybuilding Goes To Your Winning Friend

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Bodybuilders eat a Spartan diet when they train for competition. Low fat, low carbs, and overall low calories become critical to get both body fat and water weight way down. Without such dietary discipline, a bodybuilder wouldn't be as lean as he/she needs to be to win. The day after taking a prize, however, going back to normal eating is fine. Many even choose to splurge on sweets since their next competition could be months or more away. If you know someone who has done well in at a show, maybe a sugar art cake could be a great surprise gift.

More Than A Cake

Buying the big winner a cake that says, "Congratulations!" is a friendly gesture for sure. A standard chocolate cake with icing, however, won't turn heads or be all that memorable. Doing well on stage at a bodybuilding contest brings memories that last a lifetime. Why not choose an equally notable work of desert art? Sugar art has the potential to be unforgettable since you can order a custom cake perfect for the celebratory occasion. Under the right chef's care, the cake could evoke an emotional response from the recipient. 

The Cake of Trophy Proportions

Sugar art often comes in the form of sculpture-like cakes. So, it is possible to create a cake that looks like a bodybuilder posing on stage. The cake might mimic the appearance of a trophy. Think about an orange-flavored cake with icing that mimics the golden-bronze style of a first-prize crown. Your bodybuilding friend or family member might feel as if he/she receives an award for the second time. The reaction to the cake would likely be welcoming. 

The Sentiment Comes Across

When giving someone sugar art that acknowledges competition accomplishments, you are telling the person, "You're a winner." It doesn't matter what the results of the competition were. A trophy-like cake says, "Winner." Plus, the bodybuilder knows his/her hard work and effort did not go unnoticed. People do respect the person's passion for weightlifting. These sentiments wouldn't come across as strong with a standard cake.

The Gourmet Side 

The cake's look isn't the only thing that makes an impression. Exceptional taste does, as well. Sugar art goes hand-in-hand with a gourmet taste. Biting a high-quality dessert should leave a positive impact on the taste buds. A bodybuilding friend would see you took the time and effort to buy an exceptional cake, and that you care.


17 December 2019

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