New To Wine? Here's How An Online Wine Retailer Can Help You Discover Your Favorite


If you're new to wine and wondering where to start, consider ordering your wine online from an online retailer. Online ordering carries a number of advantages compared to brick-and-mortar retailers. You can often find deeper discounts (especially at online retailers that do flash sales of new vintages) along with a larger selection of wines. The brick-and-mortar wine shopping experience can often be confusing to someone who is new to wine – wines typically do not have much information about them on their labels, and the sheer amount of wine available at a large retailer can easily overwhelm people who are new to wine and make it difficult to make a decision. Online retailers provide more information such as customer reviews, making it easier for you to find a suitable wine.

Purchase a Number of Different Varietals With a High Wine Rating

Purchasing wines according to their rating is an excellent starting place. Wines are rated by expert wine tasters, who measure both the quality and typicality of the wine. Typicality refers to how well the wine represents its varietal – a Riesling that is both high quality and an excellent example of a Riesling will receive a high rating. Because wine tasters consider the typicality of the wine when rating it, purchasing a number of highly-rated wines of different varieties will give you an excellent idea of how each variety is supposed to taste.

Use the Large Selection to Discover How Production and Growing Region Affect Flavor

Once you have discovered some types of wine that you enjoy, you now have a starting place from which you can dig deeper into flavor and texture differences between growing regions. One of the perks of ordering wine online is the excellent selection, allowing you to try out a specific varietal from different vineyards and growing regions. This allows you to see how the terroir (the natural environment where the wine grapes are grown) affects the final flavor profile of the wine.

Develop Your Palate Further by Exploring Unrated Wines

As you grow in experience and become more adventurous in your wine purchases, you will quickly find that not all wines have been rated – this is especially true of newer vintages from single vineyards. Finding your own personal tastes by taking advantage of the large number of wines available online allows you to make decisions on whether or not you would like an unrated wine, taking into account its growing region, its acidity at harvest, and its production process compared to wines that you have previously enjoyed.

Some online wine retailers offer flash sales. A retailer purchases a large amount of wine from a specific vineyard and passes the bulk discount on to you for a limited amount of time. Flash sales are often where you will find the deepest discounts, but the wines sold in flash sales very rarely carry a rating. Tasting a large variety of wines through purchasing from an online retailer allows you to make a quick decision about whether or not the wine sold in a flash sale is suitable for you.

Wine can be confusing for a newcomer, and the often-chaotic layout and lack of information provided by brick-and-mortar retailers can make it difficult for you to discover which wines suit your palate. By ordering wine online, you're granted the largest selection along with more information to help you discover wines that you enjoy drinking. Look online to find online retailers that ship to your area, and never be afraid to use the large selection to try out new wines and broaden your tasting horizons. 

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3 August 2018

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