How To Create The Best Baskets For A Raffle And Raise Money For An Important Cause

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Are you trying to raise money for an important cause by selling raffle tickets for baskets full of stuff? You may be selling tickets for a set price. People can choose to purchase tickets for different baskets they'd like to try to win. Before you can start selling the tickets, it's important to have those baskets made so people know what they're spending their money on while trying to win. Creating the perfect baskets is a great way to get people interested enough to purchase several raffle tickets.

The Keurig Basket

There are a lot of people who start their day off by grabbing a cup of coffee from the coffee shop. In fact, the average working adult living in the United States will spend more than $14 on coffee every week. It may not seem like a whole lot, but that money does add up. What if you could offer a basket that helps people save money without taking away their daily cup of coffee?

The Keurig basket is one of many baskets you may want to auction off to a group of people. There are a number of different items you could purchase for the basket, such as the Keurig coffee maker and pods. There are tons of different pods available, so make sure you're choosing a variety of different flavors to add to the basket. Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Chocolate are just three of the many coffee flavors available. Stock up on as many as of them as you possibly can and include them in the basket to impress those who will be purchasing the raffle tickets.

The lucky winner will receive the coffee maker and plenty of pods to go with it. As a result, he or she could prepare a delicious cup of coffee at home in a matter of minutes instead of going to the shop for that cup of coffee. You'll raise money for that important cause and a lucky winner will save money by being able to make their coffee at home with ease.

The Adult-Themed Basket

Another great basket to include in the raffle would be an adult-themed basket. You could include miniature bottles of wine and spirits with chocolates and treats that taste good when paired with those assorted wines and spirits. In addition to miniature bottles of alcohol, you may want to include some scratch-off tickets in the basket. No one knows if those scratch-off tickets are winning tickets or not, but with plenty of them included in the basket, the chances of winning something are quite high. Those who love the idea of sipping wine, eating chocolate, and possibly winning extra cash from the lottery may want to purchase raffle tickets for this basket.

The Kid-Friendly Basket

If some of the people who are purchasing raffle tickets have children, they may want to get a few tickets for a basket they could give to their children if the numbers on their raffle tickets were selected. Put together a kid-friendly basket full of different board games, snacks, and other assorted items kids love, such as silly putty, wristbands, and miniature paint sets. You could even add some iTunes gift cards into the basket since many children use iPads and iPods.

You can raise money for an important cause by selling raffle tickets for different baskets you've put together. The Keurig basket is a great choice because so many people drink coffee and the winner would be able to make his or her own coffee instead of spending money at the coffee shop for the same exact thing. The adult-themed basket gives something for the adults to look forward to while the kid-friendly basket would have so much to offer to children.


5 October 2017

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