Six Ways To Make A Loaf Of Fresh-Bread Into A Satisfying Lunch


Want some new and satisfying lunch ideas? What about the perfect nosh for an early dinner? It all starts with a loaf of fresh-baked, organic bread from your favorite local bakery or deli.

Six ways to turn a loaf of fresh-baked bread into a satisfying meal are:

  1. With a chunk of cheese. It is a common practice in Europe to eat simply a hunk of bread with a chunk of cheese for breakfast or lunch. From a crisp flatbread to a soft sour-dough, when you pair a loaf of organic bread with some aged cheddar or smoked Gouda, you really can't go wrong.
  2. Drizzled in flavorful oil. Another way to serve your favorite breads is with a drizzle of oil. Infuse or season olive oil with fresh herbs, spices, or cloves of garlic to create a distinctive flavor that pairs well with any type of bread, from potato to whole-grain. Serve with some pickled vegetables and a bottle of wine for a perfect picnic lunch!
  3. As part of a charcuterie board. The bread is an important part of any charcuterie board. Slice thin pieces of a baguette or toasted cubes of white or wheat to enjoy with your favorite meats, cheeses, and vegetables. These are also an excellent option to take to a party or pot-luck.
  4. Dipped in fondue. Anything dipped in warm, melted cheese is bound to be good, but fresh-baked bread is a sure-winner! Serve any kind of bread, rolls, or buns with a simple fondue, made from cream, wine, and, of course, cheese.
  5. Topped with bruschetta. Toast and top bread with bruschetta- tomatoes, basil leaves, parmesan shards- for a light lunch that seems very chic and sophisticated. This is the perfect snack in the summer when tomatoes and basil are at their peak-flavor, and check out local markets for organic or aged parmesan cheese.
  6. Alongside some hot broth. Turn a bouillon cube or cup of broth into a meal with a piece of crusty bread. Bread dipped in broth or bouillon is satisfying and comforting- the perfect work-day lunch!

Don't feel obligated to bring a heavy meal or complicated casserole to a potluck; bring a loaf of organically-made bread instead! There are so many wonderful ways to serve bread that makes it a satisfying snack, light lunch, hearty meal, or party favorite. Try these tips for an effortless meal idea that highlights your loaf of fresh-baked bread!

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3 October 2017

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