Methods For Creating An Upscale Barbecue Restaurant

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A barbecue restaurant is often a homey feel restaurant that gives off the aura that you are enjoying a meal at a friend's home. If you enjoy preparing barbecue foods and southern meals, your restaurant can stand out from other barbecue places by setting yourself up with an upscale feel. If you want to run an upscale barbecue restaurant, you will need to find ways to set your restaurant apart. Here are a few things that you can do to add an upscale feel to your barbecue restaurant:

Give the interior a rustic romantic feeling

Most barbecue restaurants like to give off the feeling of having dinner in a country home or restaurant. You can go with this same theme, but make it a little more romantic to tip the scales. Invest in well-made wood chairs with a high back. Cover the tables with black tablecloths with a lining that matches your restaurant's theme colors. Include real silverware on the table along with an enclosed lantern for lighting. Around the restaurant, place dim chandeliers to provide lighting with a demure feeling. 

Put sauce on the side

One of the best things about barbecue is the barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce tends to glaze over any meat that is prepared, giving it a tender feeling. As a barbecue restaurant, having your own special and tasty sauce will attract customers to your eatery. One thing that you should do is serve all sauce on the side instead of inside of the dish itself. This will allow patrons to use as much or as little sauce as necessary. Serving your sauces inside of a small, stainless steel holder will also make it easier for patrons to dip their meat, leading to less spiling and less overflow, either in the dining room or in the kitchen. 

Offer upscale sides

Being a barbecue restaurant does not mean that you are limited to coleslaw as a side. One of the best ways to give your restaurant an upscale vibe is to offer sides that most other restaurants will have. You can remix fan favorites by making shrimp macaroni and cheese, crispy bacon and collard greens, and a number of different salads as sides. Southern style desserts can also be remixed such as sweet potato pie with whipped cream and three layer vanilla cake with decorative cream cheese icing. Offering remixed southern desserts will keep your customers coming back for the full upscale barbecue experience. 

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24 September 2017

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