Host A Birthday Party For Your Young Child At A Family-Friendly Mexican Restaurant

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If you are going to be hosting your young child's birthday party at a family-friendly Mexican restaurant that offers catering services and have reserved a private dining area for a couple hours while holding the event, the ideas that follow will help you plan a special celebration for your child, their friends, and family members:

Plan A Buffet Meal

Order an array of Mexican food items, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas and request that they are set up on a long dining table that is inside of the area that you have rented. Make arrangements to have condiments placed next to the buffet items and baskets filled with tortilla chips.

Once guests arrive for the birthday bash, hand each of them a plate and ask everyone to line up before retrieving items from the buffet table. If you have purchased large platters of food and there are leftovers once the party has ended, allow guests to bring home goody bags that contain their favorite food items. 

Set Up A Sombrero Decorating Station

Purchase several plain sombrero-style hats from a costume supplier or specialty shop. Prepare a sombrero decorating station by pushing a few tables together and placing decorative materials on top of them. Place a few tubes of adhesive on the tables so that materials such as feathers, felt strips, buttons, stickers, and glitter can be secured to sombreros.

After your child and their guests have finished eating, ask each person to sit in chairs that have been placed around the decorating station. Provide everyone with hats and allow guests to add embellishments to them. Afterward, judge the pinatas and hand out ribbons to the owners of the pinatas that you like the best.

Hang A Pinata And Provide Additional Prizes

Purchase a pinata and fill it with small toys, gift certificates, and candy. Hang the pinata from a hook inside of the dining area. Request that your child, their friends, and family member line up and take turns striking the pinata with a plastic bat or stick.

Prior to the first person attempting to hit the pinata, provide each participant with a small bag to use to collect items that have fallen from the pinata. Once the pinata has been emptied, hand out additional prizes to the guests who struck the pinata the most times or were able to collect the most prizes that fell onto the floor. 

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12 September 2017

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